Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pajama Friday

Around our house we get up in the morning, and get dressed. I like for little man to feel a routine to the day. Wake up, diaper change, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth...things like that. Normally this is the start to our day.

However, I am now going to start Pajama Friday!

The morning routine won't change, except for I get to avoid the particularly arduous task of dressing a non cooperative toddler. Which for me is an amazing way to start a Friday. Also, I mean come on! Look at that happy little guy! He is so much happier when he doesn't have to get dressed...and what mom wouldn't want to hang out with a happy guy like him?

I believe having a routine with your baby is very important. I also believe that teaching them to stray once and a while keeps them happy. Why? We as adults stray from our routines too. You know you look forward to those days when you call in to work randomly, with no "real" reason other than just needing a day to compose your sanity with rest, relaxation and...PAJAMAS!! See, it translates in to adulthood as well!! We all love a pajama day!!

Therefore, I hereby declare that Fridays in the Wigley House are and will always be Pajama Day!!
Because, if I can get a smile like the one in the picture everyday, then I know that I am doing my job right. Keeping Jp happy and safe is my task in life now. And if all it takes is a whole day in monkey pajamas, then I will gladly give it to him.

Keep an eye out for our Pajama Friday posts. I can not wait to buy new jammies for him to show off here!!


Friday, October 28, 2011


Motherhood can make you feel a lot of things. Joy, fear, bliss, proud, frazzled, and a whole lot of other emotions. But the biggest feeling I have is rushed.  I feel rushed to get the laudry done, rushed to get dishes put away, and dinner cooked. Why, you ask. Well it's not because of our fast paced lifestyle or anything(Haha, we are far from fast paced around here!), it is because I have a toddler who gets into anything I am doing. ANYTHING. If there is laundry to be folded in a basket, he thinks it should be on the floor. Because "Duh Mom, laundry baskets are for playing in!" Dishes, oh dishes! Thats an adventure. The silverware basket has to be first out or else every spoon and spatula I own will be used as a sword! He freekin loves them. So much so, that I went through his toys yesterday and discovered 4, yep FOUR, of my spatulas in there. Who does that?!?

Out of all the things I have to race to get done around here, I never thought using the bathroom would be one of them. Never. I will sneak away at a moment when I don't think he will notice me missing, and then find myself counting the seconds until I hear him walk in our bedroom and slam the door! Then this super cute smiling baby rounds the corner, and shuts us in the bathroom together. Just so he can get to the shelf behind the door. It's super fun to pull all the sheets, towels, and wash rags off onto the floor, and then try to climb the shelves like a monkey. All while mommy just needed 2 minutes to tinkle, but she couldn't get it done before you noticed where she was!! On the rare occasion I am able to make it out before he notices I feel a mild sense of accomplishment over him! "Hahah Sgt. Stinky Pants, I beat you this time!"

I guess you could say it's the little things that get a mommy through her day. I just never thought going to the bathroom alone would be my favorite little thing.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is why we can't have anything nice...

My son is tall. Tall enough to reach most anything he wants on our kitchen counter. "Oh, you put the remote up there? Yep, I'll just grab it." 99.9999% of the time, I catch him in time. But there are moments when I can't make it back from the bathroom quick enough. Then I hear a lid popping off of my drink (a drink that was safely up on the counter when I left, mind you), and tiny hands digging into a cup full of ice. Or I walk back in to discover this...

What once was a decicious iced cup of Sunny D is now a place where a toddlers lunch goes to die! Thats a turkey sandwich and goldfish if you can't tell. Yuck. Oh the joys of having a toddler. It's little things like this that are so gross, but they crack me up and make me cherish being a mommy!!

Now hopefully we can make it the rest of the day without anymore food in moms drinks!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding our Paradise Falls.

Balance is a very important aspect of having and keeping a happy family. Finding that balance however, can be difficult. For myself, I find balance in happiness. Balance in knowing that my dreams are possible. A new form of happiness has come from our Paradise Falls jar. Yep, thats right. We took a cue from UP, and started our own.

This jar is full of more than just pocket change. It's full of dreams. Dreams of a vacation, a down payment on our own home, or even just a night out for the hubby and I. Our Paradise Falls is anywhere the money in this jar will take us. Finding that Paradise is the adventure. I know this jar will take a while to fill, and there might be some hiccupps along the way, but we will fill this jar. We will fill it with change, that one day will go towards something great.

I can only hope to have a long happy romance like Carl and Ellie. To know that my husband loves me enough, to still travel half way around the world when I'm gone. Just because it was my dream. I would love to use our jar as our kickstart to Rome, and John wants to go to Japan, and I know that one day we will do those things. This glass jar is our motivation, and our starting point. Maybe, our Paradise Falls is ever evolving. Changing every day. Or maybe, just maybe, I have already found it. I mean I am married to my one and only love, and have the most fantastic child a mother could ever hope for. The happiness and pocket change in the jar are just the icing on the cake.


Documenting the future.

This is my first blog!! This is my attempt to better document the fun times of staying home with my son. He is 21 months old now, and quite a character, and I feel his antics should be out there! Eventually I would like this blog to be a place for parents come to find info on products I review, share opinions, recipies, and just a place for me to post about my day to day adventures.  

A little about me. My name is Courtney and I am married to my best friend John!!

We have been together since May 23, 2003. Yep, I married my high school sweet heart...granted he had already graduated before we met, but I was still in school. So it counts!! We met through a mutual friend, and from that first night I knew he would be the one. I just had to clue him in on that!! So after a few dates and some (now infamous) lying about making mashed potatoes, we were a couple!!  Six years later, we were married, and soon had our son.

This picture sums up everything I love about my husband. That little guy in his arms is our son. John P. Wigley, born on February 8, 2010. He weighed in at 8lb 7oz, and was 21.75 inches long.

As soon as they picked him up off the weigh table, he snatched hold of one of the cords, and I hear this thunk!! I scream (from the c-section operating table) DID YOU JUST DROP MY BABY!! Nope, no babies were dropped, but the nurse grabbed our camera, and snapped this pic. She said babies hardly ever grab onto things so quick and tight that soon after birth. He was only about 4 minutes old!!

My how John has grown from that day. We call him Jp. Also, Jpers, pumpkin butt, little love, Mr. Wigley, and a whooooole lot of other nicknames. My readers will see a few written here! I will actually be suprised if he grows up not thinking his name is Sgt. Stinky Pants. (Which is for good reason.)  I never knew I could love one tiny person so much. Getting up in the morning is fun, because I always wonder what crazy thing he is going to do today. He has a huge personality, and I see my husband in him so much. From the little looks he gives me when eating lunch, to the way he smiles at me before he falls asleep on my lap. From sun up to sun down, this little guy rules the roost!! Which...we are working on..but those looks are killer, and I tend to give in to him.

We have some new adventures coming up that I hope to document here. Jp is 21 months, and we are about to start potty training. A new fad in our home is a baby that takes his diapers off and runs around. Thus, I am taking this as a clue that he would like to learn how to use the potty. I have done some research, and think I have found some ways to make the process more "fun" for him. His second birthday will be in February, so I will be exploring that process here, and documenting all that fun!!

Keep reading, it should be an adventure!!