Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding our Paradise Falls.

Balance is a very important aspect of having and keeping a happy family. Finding that balance however, can be difficult. For myself, I find balance in happiness. Balance in knowing that my dreams are possible. A new form of happiness has come from our Paradise Falls jar. Yep, thats right. We took a cue from UP, and started our own.

This jar is full of more than just pocket change. It's full of dreams. Dreams of a vacation, a down payment on our own home, or even just a night out for the hubby and I. Our Paradise Falls is anywhere the money in this jar will take us. Finding that Paradise is the adventure. I know this jar will take a while to fill, and there might be some hiccupps along the way, but we will fill this jar. We will fill it with change, that one day will go towards something great.

I can only hope to have a long happy romance like Carl and Ellie. To know that my husband loves me enough, to still travel half way around the world when I'm gone. Just because it was my dream. I would love to use our jar as our kickstart to Rome, and John wants to go to Japan, and I know that one day we will do those things. This glass jar is our motivation, and our starting point. Maybe, our Paradise Falls is ever evolving. Changing every day. Or maybe, just maybe, I have already found it. I mean I am married to my one and only love, and have the most fantastic child a mother could ever hope for. The happiness and pocket change in the jar are just the icing on the cake.


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