Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ahh, it seems as if Movember is slowly creeping up on us!! Ok yea, as I typed that I realize most of you may not know what movember is. is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to mens health, specifically prostate cancer, and others that directly affect men. Which I have to say, they themselves usually don't pay much attention to. I know I have to fight John to get him to go to the doctor. He was sick this past week, and all I could get him to take was NyQuil. To me, it seems as though men put themselves on the back burner most times when it comes to regular doctors checkups, and thats something that needs to change.

Movember seeks to bring awareness by having men grow only a moustache for the entire month. My lovely husband John and several of his coworkers will be participating. He told me about this Saturday night. I guess he thought it wouldn't be something I would be fond of, because of the way he sounded suprised when I told him I was on board with him! Starting November 1st, John will say goodbye to his awesome red beard, and for 30 days he will groom and grow his stache to perfection. The money his team raises goes to the Livestrong Foundation which we all know was founded by Lance Armstrong. Livestrong is dedicated to bringing awareness to mens health issues, the biggest being cancer. Best moustache from his group at the end will win a prize...and the Wigleys are going for gold!

After googling Movember, I got lost on google images, and started browsing moustache pictures. Did you know there is an American Moustache Institute or The Handlebar Moustache Club? Yep, I didn't either. I came across a few Super Staches in my research.

This one though is most likely to be what my husband aims for during his Movember. His moustache has a tendency to be a bit patchy, but the ends flare up like that, so i think we can make it work. I am tempted to buy some Vita Beard. I saw the add for it when I was browsing. It seems like maybe it would give him a fuller stache, and thats what we need to end up like that dashing fella in the pic.

Ok so maybe thats cheating, and we won't take the pills, but I think it will be funny to have a husband who looks like Magnum PI this month. He has had the beard now for so long, I tend to forget what his smooth face looks like. I am going to fully support my husband and his Movember team this month. If this is something that your husband and his coworkers don't know about yet, you NEED to tell him. Get them involved, and sign your hubbies up at  Ladies, I know it will be hard to look at a man with a funny, in between peach fuzz and and news anchor bad stache for a few days, but this is something we should all incourage.

I know I will be right there beside my husband, combing that stache every night, and possibly dosing him up with hair growth vitamins in his sleep!! So starting November 1st, we will say goodbye to our old friend Mr. Red Beard, and hello to the new awesome Stache that will over power all others! Ha, ya think I'm getting a little competitive?!? I will be documenting our Movember Stache Progress each week, and I encourage you to do the same with your husband, and post them so we can all see!

Happy Movember, and good luck!!


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