Friday, November 4, 2011

It's just so funny...

Little man cracked up last night when John was trying to kill a bug that flew in. It required John to use my shoe and jump up to swat at it, and Jp freaked out. He thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his life!! I LOVE to hear my little man laugh like this!! Sorry for not holding the camera the right way, but it's still hilarious!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Movember Progress

I am a couple of days behind in our Movember posts, but here is John on Day 3. He is going to shave his face, but his stache is coming along nicely. 

Right now he looks just like he did when he was about 21. It's crazy how he can shave his face and look like a different person.  When he came out of the bathroom after shaving, Jp didn't even recognize him. Jpers just sat on the couch with his hands over his face for about 10 minutes, and wouldn't even look at him. Today is the first day that little man would let John hold him since the shave!! 

I can't wait to see what he looks like at the end of the month! I have a feeling he will look like an 80's cop, or at least someone who sings in a tribute band for a certain group of men. Yay for Movember. Ladies, get your men involved!!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little man is going under the knife.

We just returned from the pediatric surgeons office, and JP will be having hernia surgery on Tuesday November 8th.

For those of you who don't know, JP had a pretty rough October. It all started with him having a fever. He was a little sluggish, and I just assumed that he had caught my head cold from the previous week. We fought a fever the night of the 15th, and most of the day on the 16th. After putting him in the bathtub and trying to calm him down with a cool bath, I got him out to get him dressed. When I laid him down to put his diaper on, I noticed a HUGE bulge on his right scrotal area. So after having John look at it, I decided to call our nurse line, and after a conversation with her we were told to take him to the emergency room. They feared he could have a scrotal hernia. 

After an evaluation at our local hospital, they decided to put an IV in his arm, and transport us by ambulance to Dell Children's Center. We arrived there, and were taken care of by some of the BEST Doctors and Nurses I have ever met. After an ultrasound, it was determined that he has an Inguinal Hernia. What that means is that the lower intestine slips in and out of a gap left in the muscle tissue, a gap left from when his testicles formed and descended into the scrotum. This isn't life threatening, and is fairly common in little boys. We were referred to a Pediatric Surgeon, and sent home at about midnight on Sunday 10/16.

At 6am we were headed back to the hospital. In the middle of the night, JP started having Strider. That is when they are having trouble breathing, and make this awful noise, like a squeal when they are trying to breathe. When we walked back into the emergency room at Dell Children's, the woman behind the registration desk recognized us, and asked why we were back. We didn't even have to answer that question, because as soon as she heard JP struggling to breathe, she was on her Nurses cell phone, and two women burst through the doors, and whisked him back. I have never been so amazed at the level of care from a Hospital in my life. These people were able to identify the problem, and get him back to a room before we could even fill out the registration forms.

He was diagnosed with Croup. Which is a viral infection in the larynx and windpipe, that causes them to swell and push against each other, and if not noticed soon enough their windpipe can close. It's not as bad a whooping cough (which the infection is in the lungs, and not the throat), but it's still terrifying knowing that my child was struggling to breathe. He was given an oral steroid, and had a couple of breathing treatments, and we were admitted to the hospital for a day.

Since then, he has gotten over the Croup and is having no trouble breathing, but the hernia continues to present itself. So we will go in on Tuesday, and he will be put under to have everything fixed. This is all new territory for me, as he has NEVER even been sick, much less sick enough to be operated on. The Surgeon assured me today, that this is a routine procedure, it only takes about an hour, and then he will be able to go home that same day. Even so, I am terrified about him being put under anesthesia, and I know it will drive me nuts not being able to see him. I'm crying right now, just writing about it, so I know I will be a hot mess on Tuesday. I do trust these people, but being a mom has turned me into a worry wort when it comes to my little man.

Just for my sanity if everyone could keep JP in your prayers that would be amazing. Pray for the surgeon to have a steady accurate hand, and pray that things go smoothly with the anesthesia and operation. I will keep updated on his procedure and recovery here. Thank you to all of my amazing friends and family for being so supportive and focused on our little man. It means the world to us.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Subway? Yes please!!

I don't know about you, but I love getting things for free. Whether it's big or small, new or old, free is fantastic. So imagine my suprise when I went to Subway today. I went because I had a coupon for a buy 1 six inch, get another free. (Notice a free trend yet?!) I go in, and had obviously just gotten there after their lunch rush. Supplies were running low, and the two ladies behind the counter looked like they had just run a mile! I order our sandwiches, BMT for me, and Turkey for John, and a kids Turkey meal for Jp. When the sandwiches are ready, and Aimee(I actually remembered her name!) totals my order, "That'll be $12.58." "Great" I say, and whip out my debit card. I see the look on her face, and it was like I had just told her Santas not real. "We forgot to tell you our debit/credit machine is down." Instantly in my head, I think how awesome it would be to get our lunch for free, but I thought of another option. "I have my checkbook in my purse luckily, I could just write you a check." This is when the other lady behind the counter chimes in. "Is it a local check?" "Yes." I say. I live in Austin, very near to Pflugerville, so I had crossed over in to the Pville City Limits on my quest. "The check has to say Pflugerville on it." She replies.

So at this point, my free radar is going off in my head!I was also thinking about how I really didn't want to have to go to another store and get cash, and make a trip back for some sandwiches that had just been sitting there that whole time. No one likes soggy bread! "Umm..just go ahead and take em." Aimee said. "Really? Are you sure thats ok?" So I wrote down my name and phone number, just for the nice kids sake, incase her bosses wanted to know what the loss was all about. Yay for free lunch!!

So I don't know if anyone else likes this as much as I do, but I always love getting things free. Maybe it all stems from when my Granny( Fathers Mom) would take me dumpster diving. The woman had some great peices in her home that she had rescued from the dumpster and cleaned up. To this day that sticks with me. I'm a part of three local Freecycle groups. I LOVE LOVE LOVE free stuff! If you aren't a part of your local Freecycle group you should totally join. I have received some quality things, and also things we were really needing but just didn't have the budget for. I also have been able to get rid of so much stuff we don't need. All of Jp's clothes that he has outgrown, have gone on to other kiddos to enjoy, and I was able to get some awesome outfits for him too! It's really a great thing, and it keeps all of the stuff out of our landfills!!

Well, it looks like it's time to put Jp down for a nap. He is full of Turkey sandwich and apple slices, and seems to be getting sleepy! Hope everyone has a great day!!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from our little buck hunter!!

Halloween snuck up on us this year. We just plain weren't ready for it. No decorations because the box has magically disappeared in to some Halloween decoration black hole, add Jp being super sick earlier this month, and that equals no Holiday preparedness for the Wigleys. As any typical mom would do, I pulled it together, and created a "Buck Hunter" outfit from what we had...and I have to say my kid looked pretty cute.

Had a little bit of a protest in the last picture, he didn't want to go inside.I was also pleasantly surprised he kept his hat on. He NEVER will wear a hat!! We stayed in our apartment complex, and even though there weren't many houses to visit, it was enough for him!! He has enough candy to pig out on for the next couple of days, so he will be happy. Even though he won't remember this, it was great to make the memories, and have the pictures to show him one day. Tonight, seeing him walk around made me realize how quickly he is growing up. I look back on last Halloween when he was Mickey, and couldn't even walk ...and it makes it think that before I know it, he will be taking his kids trick or treating! Omg, total sad mommy moment! Hah.

It was awesome though, and I can't wait for next year and all the years after. I love moments like these! 

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ahh, it seems as if Movember is slowly creeping up on us!! Ok yea, as I typed that I realize most of you may not know what movember is. is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to mens health, specifically prostate cancer, and others that directly affect men. Which I have to say, they themselves usually don't pay much attention to. I know I have to fight John to get him to go to the doctor. He was sick this past week, and all I could get him to take was NyQuil. To me, it seems as though men put themselves on the back burner most times when it comes to regular doctors checkups, and thats something that needs to change.

Movember seeks to bring awareness by having men grow only a moustache for the entire month. My lovely husband John and several of his coworkers will be participating. He told me about this Saturday night. I guess he thought it wouldn't be something I would be fond of, because of the way he sounded suprised when I told him I was on board with him! Starting November 1st, John will say goodbye to his awesome red beard, and for 30 days he will groom and grow his stache to perfection. The money his team raises goes to the Livestrong Foundation which we all know was founded by Lance Armstrong. Livestrong is dedicated to bringing awareness to mens health issues, the biggest being cancer. Best moustache from his group at the end will win a prize...and the Wigleys are going for gold!

After googling Movember, I got lost on google images, and started browsing moustache pictures. Did you know there is an American Moustache Institute or The Handlebar Moustache Club? Yep, I didn't either. I came across a few Super Staches in my research.

This one though is most likely to be what my husband aims for during his Movember. His moustache has a tendency to be a bit patchy, but the ends flare up like that, so i think we can make it work. I am tempted to buy some Vita Beard. I saw the add for it when I was browsing. It seems like maybe it would give him a fuller stache, and thats what we need to end up like that dashing fella in the pic.

Ok so maybe thats cheating, and we won't take the pills, but I think it will be funny to have a husband who looks like Magnum PI this month. He has had the beard now for so long, I tend to forget what his smooth face looks like. I am going to fully support my husband and his Movember team this month. If this is something that your husband and his coworkers don't know about yet, you NEED to tell him. Get them involved, and sign your hubbies up at  Ladies, I know it will be hard to look at a man with a funny, in between peach fuzz and and news anchor bad stache for a few days, but this is something we should all incourage.

I know I will be right there beside my husband, combing that stache every night, and possibly dosing him up with hair growth vitamins in his sleep!! So starting November 1st, we will say goodbye to our old friend Mr. Red Beard, and hello to the new awesome Stache that will over power all others! Ha, ya think I'm getting a little competitive?!? I will be documenting our Movember Stache Progress each week, and I encourage you to do the same with your husband, and post them so we can all see!

Happy Movember, and good luck!!